Isn’t it time you went paperless? “Going Green” is good for the environment and good for your company’s budget.

Get your Service of Process (SOP) delivered electronically from CSC and see the difference for yourself. As the first registered agent to offer an alternative to paper delivery, we are proud to announce that more than 90% of the SOP we process is delivered electronically.

What makes us different?

Expertise: Make CSC’s Electronic SOP part of your day-to-day routine. It contains all of your company’s critical legal information; it is the most complete database; it contains all kinds of history; and can be your electronic library at work.

  • CSC was the first to launch nationwide electronic SOP delivery.
  • We scan 100% of your SOP – every document, every page.
  • We have decades of SOP data stored and immediately available for you online.
  • This perpetual electronic SOP library enables you to effectively audit and ultimately eliminate your paper process.

Efficiency: Being able to receive and route important legal information while an issue is fresh is almost priceless. CSC’s Electronic SOP streamlines the acknowledgement process – allowing you to take important and necessary action immediately.

  • Our nationwide scanning infrastructure links our offices in every jurisdiction to a centralized processing system.
  • This speed of delivery helps you to meet immediate deadlines.
  • Plus you can avoid the hassles of dealing with scanning, copying and forwarding hard copy documents to your colleagues.

Security: Use CSC’s Electronic SOP to exchange highly sensitive legal reports and documentation across your company regardless of location.

  • Our electronic delivery platform ensures that SOP gets into your hands directly and securely.
  • This technology provides our clients with better access to and more control over their critical legal documents.
  • In fact our systems are so secure that we’ve earned the coveted SAS 70 certification.

Commitment: CSC is committed to helping you implement simple changes that can dramatically reduce your resource consumption and provided immediate and positive results for your business.

CSC has long been concerned about the issue surrounding how we can help reduce the environmental impact while reducing your costs at the same time.

Stability: We pride ourselves for having the most knowledgeable and most professional staff. We listen to our customers and therefore provide solutions that benefit you.

  • CSC has more than a century of growth and stability.
  • As an independent service company; we pride ourselves in delivering high-quality services that enable you to accomplish your goals.